21th Annual Saving Smiles Golf Classic

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20th Annual Savings Smiles Golf Classic Honoring GPPD Chief Steve Dye and GPFD Chief Robert Fite

About Calvin "Cal" Brundrett

In 1962 Mr. Cal, an Air Force veteran, took a job with Lennox (air conditioning
manufacture) in Ft. Worth and moved his family to Hurst.In 1971 Mr. Cal moved to Grand Prairie and started Bon Air Service Companywhich has been in business for nearly 50 years.

Mr. Cal was a founding member of the Rotary Club of Grand Prairie and a a Charter Member of the Metro Rotary Club which was started in 1985.

He is a Paul Harris Fellow and has been instrumental in many Metro Rotary
service projects like fresh well water projects in El Salvador, the start and
continuation Pumpkin Run and many more. Mr. Cal is now considered an
honorary member of the Metro Rotary Club.

Mr. Cal became interested in service dogs after he saw how they could positively affect physically and emotionally damaged veterans after the solders returned from war. This led him to become associated with Freedom Service Dogs of America and Mutts with a Mission. Both organizations assist in training and finding a home for service dogs.

In August of 2017, Mr. Cal donated $3,500.00 dollars to provide three canine 3-pound, bullet- and stab-resistant vest that can be worn during the dogs’ entire shift. K-9 officer Bullet was outfitted with the new protective gear.

About Officer Bullet

Officer “Bullet” retired from the GPPD December of 2019. Below are key highlights of Bullet’s career as a member of the Grand Prairie Police Department::

Siezed Narcotics:
Methamphetamines: 51,344.33 grams
Cocaine: 3,586 grams ($401,654)
Heroin: 20.45 grams ($1,636.00)
Marijuana: 25,315 grams ($281,000)
Money seized: $57,920

Apprehensions w/out bites: 133
Apprehensions w/bites: 30